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Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Value Set 14/16/20+18

Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Value Set 14/16/20+18

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This ZBT Box Set features a bright, intense sound that cuts through a mix. These cymbals undergo extensive lathing and feature a traditional finish. This pack includes 14 ZBT hi-hats, a 16 ZBT crash, a 20 ZBT ride, and an added value 18 ZBT crash. The free included 18" crash adds musical diversity to your sound and tone. This pack will take your drum sound to the next level with so much tonal variety.

Pack Features:

  • 14" ZBT Hi Hats
  • 16" ZBT Crash
  • 20" ZBT Ride
  • FREE 18" Crash
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