Piano Tuners

If you are looking for a piano tuner that will care for your piano, please contact us to assist in arranging your piano tuning.
We have a nationwide network of qualified piano technicians that we will be able to refer you to. Alternatively, you can email us at info@pianotime.com.au with which city or suburb your piano is located in, and we can then advise you of a piano technician in your area.

Some important things to note: 

  • A piano played by a piano teacher or concert pianist for around 6 hours a day should be tuned every 3 months.
  • A piano played by an AMEB student for several hours each day should be tuned every 6 months.
  • A piano played only a short time each day should be tuned every year.
  • Changes in the weather can effect the stability of your piano.
Having a qualified piano tuner service your piano is a wise investment and will add years of life to your piano. You won't regret it!