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OLI Hybrid Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

OLI Hybrid Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

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OLI Hybrid Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag - Gray
Enjoy the protection of a hardshell guitar case alongside the lightweight feel of a gig bag with the Hybrid Acoustic Gig Bag. Along with a weather-resistant exterior, the case features a rigid inner shell and thick padding that shield the guitar from impact damage.

Hybrid Series
The OLI Hybrid Series gig bags have a hard case feel due to a rigid inner shell, although it is still lightweight and soft to touch.  Accessories compartment provide convenient access to supplies and tools. Backpack-style straps enable hands-free transportation and a cushioned top handle makes for balanced, comfortable carrying. There is extra thick rubber padding at the bottom for when you sit the bag upright. A two-pull zipper fully opens and closes at either end or any point between for ease of loading and unloading.

Fits Many Sized Acoustic Guitars
These deluxe gig bags fit Acoustic, Dreadnoughts and Classicals. 


  • Hybrid gig bag offers the protection of a hardshell case, with the light weight of a gig bag
  • Weather-resistant, rugged exterior protects your guitar from moisture and scratches
  • Plush interior protects your instrument's finish
  • Backpack-style straps and padded handle makes transportation easy
  • Extra thick rubber padding at the bottom of the bag
  • Upper and lower pockets allow for plenty of storage
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