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Flight TUSL-32 SAKURA ABS Travel Concert Scale Soprano Uke

Flight TUSL-32 SAKURA ABS Travel Concert Scale Soprano Uke

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Due to popular demand, we have brought back the Sakuralele and are introducing it in a concert-scale long-neck soprano version! We have added a concert scale neck to the soprano body to provide the comfort of a concert-sized fretboard combined with the punch and percussiveness of a soprano ukulele.

This unique ukulele has a cherry blossom design, is fitted with a strap button, and is strung with Aquila Carbon black strings. This classy ukulele definitely stands out among the different designs of the Flight Travel ukulele.

The Flight Travel Series is a truly unique array of ukuleles. They are made almost entirely from ABS plastic, but with a wooden top. This model is part of the Art Range which incorporates some beautiful and unique designs which really makes the range stand out from the crowd. It has a linden plywood top. The arched back, plastic body allows for great sound projection, but also fantastic durability. There is no binding between the body and neck, which is also plastic and so will not bend. This ukulele is perfect for beginners, for players that need a portable uke but also for players looking for something a bit different.

Body Shape - Concert (17 frets)
Top - Linden
Back & Sides - ABS
Bridge - ABS
>Neck - ABS
Fretboard - ABS
Nut & Saddle - ABS
Position Markers - 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th Frets
Premium Features - Zero Fret, Wooden Top, Arched back, Open Geared Tuners, ABS Fretboard, Side Dots, Gig Bag.
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