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AMEB P Plate Piano - Book 2

AMEB P Plate Piano - Book 2

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P Plate Piano

P Plate Piano is a series of three bright, colourful piano books for beginner pianists who have completed their first tutor. The book's design complements the teacher's existing teaching methods and provides the perfect preparation for AMEB Preliminary Piano or Preliminary Piano for Leisure. Optional non-graded assessments are available from AMEB at the end of each book. The books feature stunning artwork, fun activities and informative text written by nationally-respected music educator Elissa Milne.

The P Plate Piano program includes various teaching resources and activities for students to reinforce their learning. Videos demonstrate teaching techniques and tips for presenting the program to students. The website also features a Hall of Fames showcasing student performances.

Develop Stylistic Versatility

P Plate Piano materials are carefully sequenced and pedagogically structured to support young musicians in their earliest stages of development. The books appeal to different learning styles and feature a variety of musical genres, including classical to contemporary, to help young musicians develop stylistic versatility.

The program assists students to progress steadily from single-note melodies and become confident with more complex works such as duet playing. P Plate piano also applies creative interaction and integrated technology to encourage students to use imagination in their learning experience.

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