Casio SP-33 Pedal Board Suits Privia Pianos (SP33)

Casio SP-33 Pedal Board Suits Privia Pianos (SP33)

  • $139.00
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Choose the Casio SP33 three-pedal unit when you want to play your Casio PX-150 or PX-350 digital piano with the most expression possible. The SP33 is a 3-pedal unit providing a sustain pedal, a soft pedal, and a sostenuto pedal. The SP-33 even features an extended-damper function that simulates a pedal being pressed down halfway, for even more expression. For a true piano-playing experience with your PX-150 or PX-350 digital piano, add the Casio SP33 three-pedal unit.


3-pedal unit with sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals
Extended-damper function simulates the response of a half-pressed pedal
Works with the Casio PX-150 and PX-350

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