This is why we have a music shop

A quiet Saturday afternoon, on his way to South Melbourne market, a guitarist from Bundaberg walked in. It was just to sneak into this small music shop with a few guitars hanging off the wall. "Oh! An acoustic guitar with Florentine cutaway?" He then expressed that these are hard to make.

The generous person shared his passion for these labour intensive design, told us the history of the person who first made guitars like this. He couldn't resist, and started playing some wonderful tunes on these Maestro Guitars.

We stumbled upon these beautiful sounding handmade guitars in Singapore. The luthier produces these customized pieces that just hits the spot for us. So we bring in just a few every year, for those who deserve a great instrument at an affordable price, also to encourage those who make real great instruments to keep music alive.

That afternoon was an encouraging one. To have musicians come in to exchange knowledge and share your passion for music is what a music shop is for! We're glad to be here at South Melbourne.

Thanks for dropping in, Ross!
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