🎸Month of String Instruments- New Flight Ukulele Models!

😍HI all! We are happy to introduce some new models from our beloved and absolutely beautiful Flight Ukuleles! ⁣
🥰Don’t know which to choose? How about you take a look at all these amazing series first! We’re sure you’ll find one that suits your personality perfectly!⁣
【🎨Art Series】⁣
😍At Flight, we love to use colors and attractive designs, so we decided to explore adding incredible designs to our ukuleles with a goal to combine the worlds of fashion and music. The result is astonishing.⁣
【🎸Flight AUC-33 Concert Ukulele – only $145!】⁣
【🏞Travel Series】⁣
😍Flight Travel uke will rock your world. Resilient, but quality materials packaged into a great design give the ukulele world an affordable but hugely playable instrument with a great sound.⁣
【🎸Travel Sopranos!】⁣
🪕TUS25 Ukulele – only $99.95!⁣
🪕TUS40 ABS Ukulele – only $99.95!⁣
🪕TUS-EE SUNSET Elise Ecklund Ukulele – only $125!⁣
【🎸Travel Concerts!】⁣
🎻TUC-Kitty Print Ukulele – only $99.95!⁣
😘Come back in a few days so you can see the other amazing series from Flight! Check out our website now for the full listing!⁣

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