An Update on Products and Services Availability Regarding Recent Lockdown

Hi, Piano Time hopes you are staying safe and healthy during the recent COVID- 19 lockdown.​

We at Piano Time Melbourne are taking all the extra steps to ensure safety standards issued by the Australian Government have been met. ​
We will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide any updates on our storefront if changes have been made.​

Meanwhile, we are happy to announce that most of our services will remain available online during lockdown!​

Musical Instruments and Other Products –​
Our products will be available for store pick-ups/delivery, you can check out all of our amazing products on our website!​

please contact us to arrange pick-ups for your purchases/rentals.​

Due to an increase in online orders, our team may take more time to process your order and arrange deliveries. Shipments from our suppliers may also arrive slower than usual. We thank you for your patience and aim to provide you with the best service we can during this time. ​

Musical Instruments Rental – ​
Our instrument rental service remains available during lockdown with the help of Studio 19. ​
Give us a call / email us / message us on Facebook to arrange rental pickup/delivery.​

Online Music Lessons – ​

We are shifting our music lessons online, and still provide lessons for a wide range of instruments and even vocal training. Check out our website for more information.​
In the meantime, our face-to-face musical classes will be unavailable during the lockdown. ​

Live Chat –​
We understand that you may be uncertain in your purchases when you’re not able to browse and try out products beforehand. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us / message us on Facebook if you need any purchasing advice and recommendations! Come and have a chat with us today!​

Contact Us Today – ​

☎ ​ 03 9690 5566
Facebook Message – Piano Time Shop​

Thanks again to each and every one of our customers!​
Stay safe and don’t stop being awesome and passionate about music! Hope to see everyone again in our lovely store soon!​

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