❤️Pianotime Academy – Can Music Therapy Benefit My Kids?

🥰Would you like to sign up for music therapy for you kids, but didn’t know exactly what benefit it brings? We made a post just for you as we believe music therapy is crucial in the mental development of children!
【❤️Why Music Therapy?】
🥰Music therapy involves the use of age-appropriate music to support children throughout their treatment, with the aim of helping them reach their fullest potential while in the hospitable environment.
🥰Music therapy can be effective in meeting the diverse psychosocial needs of children through songwriting and improvisation, and can offer opportunities for self-expression and communication. It can also help children identify their strengths, enabling them to maintain a sense of self-esteem and dignity.
👍A therapy program will then be tailored to the individual needs of your child, including personalised goals that address areas of concern. Music therapy goals can include using music to assist with pain and anxiety management, to enhance communication, and create opportunities for child/family bonding through music.
👍A music therapist will play guitar or keyboard and sing, and provide a range of age-appropriate percussion instruments for your child and family to explore. Prior musical experience is not necessary and the program will be based on your child’s musical preferences. The music therapist will document and evaluate sessions to ensure the effectiveness of the program outcomes.
❤️Live familiar music combined with physical, cognitive and social activities provides developmental stimulation, increases interaction, and encourages participation and motivation. Soothing music can help reduce irritability, pain or anxiety, and also encourage child/family bonding. Making music together and writing songs can provide an avenue for creative self-expression.
【🎼What is Included in Lessons?】
• Singing
• Relaxation
• Songwriting
• Improvisation
• Playing instruments
• Listening to music
• Structured group sessions
• Multimodal stimulation
• Developmental stimulation
【🎼Sign up for lessons today!】
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