Make The Most Of Time During Lockdown

Hi there! Getting bored of quarantine life already? We at Piano Time certainly are… and we are here to present you a solution!​

With the ongoing quarantine causing everyone to spend a lot more time at home, there's no better time to learn a new instrument or dust off the one you haven't had enough time for!​

Here are some reasons why quarantine is the perfect time to learn a new instrument!​

1. You Have All the Free Time in the World!

Whereas your previous venture into music might have been hindered by your unforgiving workload, your social life and your house chores that piled up without you noticing, you don’t have to worry about those anymore! ​

You can now finally have some quality time for yourself. In that case, why not dust off all those old instruments you’ve bought or begin to shop for a new one right now? Let’s make all this free time worthwhile together, shall we?​

2. Music Relief Stress!​

Let’s be honest here, lockdown is a stressful time. However, playing music has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure, and in result keeping you calm during the harsh time. According to Psychologist Jane Collingwood, slow classical music is often the most beneficial for one’s mind. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.​

3. Music Boost Confidence!​

Playing an instrument helps you get comfortable with self-expression. As one begin to master their instrument, they will probably end up playing to a few audiences, starting with their music teacher or parents, and branching out to groups of other pupils and concert audiences. Trust me, there will be lines and lines of people waiting to hear you play once the lockdown is lifted no doubt!​

4. Music Lessons Made So Much Easier!​

We’ve seen so many people being that close to falling in love with their musical instruments and yet gave up simply because they live too far from their music tutor. Well, now that Piano Time has moved our musical lessons online, travel is no longer a concern! We are all online and patiently waiting for you to give us that one crucial call to book in your very own, completely customized music lesson. What are you waiting for?​🎻

Have you been persuaded after reading this post? Getting more excited to try out new instrument today?​

Come and shop on our amazing website today for your next instrument! Or give us a call on 03 9690 5566 to book in your very own music lesson!​🎸

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