🎹Piano Time Academy – We Can Help With Your Music Examinations!

😍Hi everyone! We’ve heard that you’re hard at work for your music certificate?​
You’re in luck cause our amazing staff at the academy can help you with any need!​
【😍Tailored Music Lessons】​
😁Our experienced and professional staffs are well-trained in any musical instruments of your choosing: guitar, piano, violin, drum, vocals, and more! ​
😁You will receive your personalized lessons in a friendly and conducive learning environment, with ample performance opportunities that are 100% affordable!​
【😍Multiple Music Methods】​
☺️Looking to pass a music exam? Our staff is well equipped in helping you with any musical methods of your choice!​
☺️These include: AMEB, ANZCA, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many more! We believe every student is unique and we can help tailor the lessons to all of your needs!​
【😆Sign up for lessons today!】​
☎️ (03) 9690 5566​
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