Yamaha U1J PE

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Model : Yamaha U1J

Colour: Polished Ebony

Condition: Almost Brand New

Serial Number: #J34361346

Made in Indonesia.

This piano was bought brand new from a store a few weeks ago, August 2017. Not used and re-sold. Transferrable 10 year warranty.

YAMAHA U1 Series upright pianos have long been a leading choice for educational institutions,professional musicians and discriminating home pianists. 

121cm (47 3/4'') Acoustic Upright Piano, The U1J was designed based on Yamaha's acclaimed U series upright acoustic piano line. Complementing the U series' excellent tonal characteristics with exterior refinements, it features a highly-polished finish that maintains the beauty of the instrument over a lifetime.

Photos displayed on this site are of the original instrument that is currently on sale. 

Please call us or visit the store for the price! 

*Please do not try to purchase this item through our online store. No refund will be given for amount charged. 

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