Wertheim W153 BP - Baby Grand Piano in Black Polish

Wertheim W153 BP - Baby Grand Piano in Black Polish

  • $13,999.00

The Wertheim Gold Series is an affordable yet solid instrument. This baby grand piano has DongFang Renner style action and Orient Felt Hammers, with German Roslau Strings, giving you a warm European piano tone. 

Also available in White Polish. 

Specification Sheet

Length 153cm (5′ 1″ )
Width 144cm (4′ 10″)
Height 101cm (3′ 4″)
Weight 330kg (727lbs)
Soundboard and Ribs
Soundboard Solid soundboard
Number of Ribs -Asymmetrically crowned 12
Treble Vertically Laminated/Solid Cap
Bass Solid Cantilevered Design
Material North American Rock Maple
Construction Hand-planed, notched & pinned, acousti-cut & tapered
Inner 32 Ply Maple
Outer Nyatoh Hardwood, 12 Ply
Braces 4 – Spruce, Dovetailed & Doweled
Tone Collector Precision Port Casting
Plate Casting Vacuum Processed Cast-Iron
Scale Double Duplex
White Key Surfaces Acrylic Resin
Black Key Surfaces Ebony Key
Key Material Spruce with Maple Button
Design Individually Weighted
Hammers Orient felt hammers
Additional Features
Action Lou action (DongFang Renner)
Bass Strings German Copper
Music Wire German – Roslau
Pinblock 25 Ply North American Rock Maple
Tuning Pins Nickel Plated, Blued Steel
Pedals 3, Solid Brass, Sostenuto
Casters Extra Wide Solid Brass
Fallboard Soft Glide System