World’s Slimmest Digital Piano Series! 🎹

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Hi all! Don’t overlook our amazing Casio Privia Portable Digital Pianos Series!​

They are the world’s lightest and slimmest piano series! Boasting a slick and stylish design and jammed packed with features, the Privia not only provide you great musical output performance but also looks amazing as a furniture piece! Here are just some of the highlights of these amazing pianos:​

1. Extremely Light in Weight🎼
The PXS series is the slimmest and lightest digital pianos IN THE WORLD, which means you can easily fit it in your house or pack it up for the go.​
With a 20% reduction in weight comparing to previous models, the PXS also comes with amazing features.​

2. Modern Casio Technologies🎧
The PXS can be easily plugged into any computers to modify the sound tone or record the music playing in an instant. It also comes with Casio’s trademark AiR sound technology that provides great control over the tone to highlight players’ expressiveness.​

3. Feel Just Right to Play🎤
The new Privia delivers a significant reduction in the size of the action mechanism that simulates the weight of the hammers in a grand piano. In a slim body just 232mm deep, the keyboard offers a natural touch reminiscent of a grand piano in an amazingly compact form.​

Casio PXS-1000 Available now for $1,049! (Also available in Red)​

Casio PXS-3000 Available now for $1,399!​

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