😀Winner of the Red Dot Design Award of 2020 – Casio PXS1000

Posted by Sam Hersusianto on

😊Congratulations to Casio for winning the Red Dot Design Award of 2020 with their amazing Casio Privia PXS1000 Digital Piano – the Slimmest and Lightest Piano in the world!​

😍The Red Dot Award has a history of over 60 years and is one of the top three design awards in the world. It was established in 1955 by the German design institution, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The PX-S1000 won a Red Dot Award 2020 in the Product Category, standing out among more than 6,500 entries from all over the world, including automobiles, home appliances, household goods, and buildings.​

😍This amazing piano is now only $1,049 in our shop, a great value for anyone looking for an incredible and compact piano!​

🎹For over 15 years, Privia pianos have delivered a pure piano experience for any situation. Now, the PX-S1000 brings a fresh new design into the Privia family of instruments, making brilliant technology a part of your musical life. ​

🎹The PX-S1000's striking design fits any room, any decor, and any mood. Available in either black or white finish, its sleek, glossy panel and unibody case evokes a luxurious acoustic grand, in a gorgeous form that's barely larger than the keys themselves.​

🎹The PX-S1000 features 18 Tones, including a breathtaking stereo grand piano. String resonance exposes the harmonic relationships between vibrating strings, while damper resonance adds depth and richness. You’ll hear the mechanical sounds of dampers rising, keys being pressed, and keys returning to their original position. Hammer response and key-off simulation deliver even greater detail, reacting naturally to your playing dynamics. Along with piano you'll also find lifelike tine and reed electric pianos, organs, strings, vibraphone, harpsichord and more.​

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