What’s special about our Kawai K800?

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The K800 is easily our favorite and best Kawai grand piano we have in our store!​ 😍

One thing that we couldn’t recommend enough about our Kawai K800 is its amazing music tone. 🎼The Kawai K800 gives you elegant form and exceptional tone that will fulfill the needs of any performance setting.​😊

But what helps the K800 achieves this graceful tone? 🤔We are here to answer your question in this post! Don’t forget that our amazing K800 is on sale now for only $14,999 (30% off!). ​🤫
Because of the insane sale, we only have one unit left! Get yours quick today at our website/store!🤩

【The Action】​🎹

The mighty Millennium III action features components made of ABS-Carbon, an incredibly lightweight, rigid composite material that provides a stronger, faster action, with more power, better control, and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions.​

【Sostenuto Pedal】​🎼

K-800AS’s sostenuto pedal allows the player to sustain selected notes, while the other notes remain unaffected. Usually reserved for grand pianos, this special feature opens up K-800AS to even the most advanced repertoire.​

【The Hammers】​🔊

Mahogany hammer mouldings are lightweight and extremely responsive. Found on only the finest pianos, mahogany is used for the hammer mouldings on the entire line of K Series Professional Upright Pianos.​


The addition of agraffes across the lower 51 keys ensures accuracy in string alignment and spacing, to produce greater sound uniformity and enhancing clarity of tone.​


To eliminate warping, a heavy-guage steel angle iron is added to the keyslip. Keys move more freely with virtually no possibility of rubbing or sticking against the keyslip.​

Kawai K800 AS, now available at Piano Time for $14,999!🥳

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