What’s Inside Our Amazing Casio CDP Series?!

Posted by Ellie Khoo on

Hi everyone! We’re offering our portable Casio CDP Series (CDP-100, 150, 350) for up to 20% off! ​

Casio’s CDP pianos deliver realistic piano sound and feel, thanks to their 88 scaled, hammer-action keys and high-quality piano sounds. Streamlined designs, powerful built-in speakers and useful features make CDP pianos a great choice for any level of player. ​

【Realism, Expression and Touch】​

Casio's compact digital pianos provide superior performances, portability and value.​

【Sounding Out】​

Casio CDP-series digital pianos an 88-note scaled hammer keyboard for an remarkably accurate touch.​


Under 26 lbs., Casio CDP-series have unmatched portability, an 88-key piano experience at nearly half the weight of some other brands.​

【USB Midi】​

CDP digital pianos feature Class Compliant USB MIDI allowing use with Windows and Apple computers, tablets and other devices without the need for additional drivers.​

Grab these amazing digital pianos on our website today! ​

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