Upright Piano - The best place to buy your upright piano? Piano Time!

Posted by Sam Hersusianto on

Any time is a good time at Piano Time! Today we will be blogging about the upright piano that we currently stock.

We've covered a lot of information about Casio digital keyboards and the such, but how about uprights? We still have the Casio CTK3200Casio AP700Casio AP650Casio AP460, and Casio AP260 in stock, but what about our traditional uprights?

We have a beautiful Kawai upright piano, one of the KX-21 models (121cm Upright, Kawai Ultra Responsive Action, Spruce Soundboard, Soft, Practice and Sustain Pedal) and it is a truly beautiful upright piano.

We also have a stunning USX6 upright piano at the moment too. But more on that one later!


Please come in to our store, located in South Melbourne, or give the helpful team a call on 03 9690 5566!

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