🎹The Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano LIMITED STOCK - Only $1,645

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😀The KDP-120 is the latest addition to Kawaiʼs KDP range of affordable digital pianos, and the successor to the popular KDP110.​

🎹Kawai KDP-120 Digital Piano – Now $1,645!​

😆This updated 2021 model features an improved version of the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, with improved cushioning material that helps to reduce action noise when keys are released.​

😆The KDP120 retains the superb Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano sounds of its predecessor, while adding a new, improved Low Volume Balance feature, which intelligently adjusts characteristics of the piano for optimal expression when playing at low volume levels. In addition to USB-MIDI, the KDP120 also incorporates ​
Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, and supports Kawaiʼs latest PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps, allowing sounds, settings, and lesson song scores to be selected from a compatible iOS or Android device.​

【🏅New Features & Improvements for This Piano】​

🥇IMPROVED: Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action with improved cushion material.​

🥈NEW: Low Volume Balance feature for optimised expression at low volume levels.​

🥉NEW: Support for latest PianoRemote control and PiaBookPlayer score viewer apps for iOS/Android.​

🏅IMPROVED: Modernised key cover appearance.​

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