Some Habits to Help you Practice Music Daily!

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🎼Everyone knows that practice equals progress, but making the time for regular practice can be hard! When it comes to habits, consistency is key so developing a daily music practice habit is a goal all music practitioners should do! The expectation of daily practice means there are no excuses for putting it off until tomorrow!​

Here are some ways you can do just that! Let us introduce you to some habits that will help with your music practices!​

1. 🥰 Be prepared so whenever you have a few spare minutes, you’ll be able to get straight into your practice! Have your instrument ready to play at a moment’s notice. It should be set up, in tune, plugged in, and good to go. ​

Also, know exactly what needs attention – not just the piece, but the exact section – so you waste no time sifting through material and can dive right in! Have your sheet music already open at the page you need.​

2. 😍 Set goals! Set some practice goals each week, then break them down into daily tasks. You’ll then have a plan of what to work on next.​

3. 🎹 Create Practice Triggers! Use an activity that you already do every day (like brushing your teeth or watching a favorite TV show) as a prompt for practice!​
Before long, your brain will automatically know that after you’ve finished breakfast, or walked the dog, or read a chapter of your book, you’ll be starting your music practice right away.​

4. 🎤 Challenge Yourself! Working towards goals can give your music practice some direction and keep you motivated. Find a goal, project, or challenge that interests you. There are so many options, from the more serious to the fun. It’s much easier to dive enthusiastically into your practice when you have something to work towards.​

Back to school season is coming very soon! So with the limited free time remaining, why not set up some good practice habits! Trust me, you’ll appreciate yourself for making this very great decision 😊 !​

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