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Any time is a good time at Piano Time!

While we are called Piano Time, we are not just focussed on pianos! We aim to have products that meet the needs of all musicians. This is why we proudly stock Remo Drum Heads.

Today we will be talking about the Remo ambassador vintage drum heads. The Remo Ambassador vintage are a perfect solution for the drummer after a versatile toneset. Check out the Remo Ambassador vintage dossier here:

Ambassador® Vintage Coated drumheads feature focused midrange tones with a soft feel. Combining 7.5-mil and 3-mil Coated films into a durable 2-ply construction, Ambassador® Vintage Coated drumheads provide the sensitivity of Diplomat® Coated, midrange of Emperor® Coated and durability of Ambassador® Coated drumheads. The Ambassador® Vintage Coated is the most versatile Tom and Snare drumhead in the industry.

These are the following skins we have in stock at the moment:

Please come in to our store, located in South Melbourne, or give the helpful team a call on 03 9690 5566!


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