Pre-Holiday Sale – Casio CDPS150 Digital Piano 11% OFF

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🥰Realistic, portable, and comfortable to play, the CDP-S150 redefines value in a digital piano! It's a perfect piano for students, hobbyists, or pianists who need grand piano sound and feel in a small space.​

🎹Casio CDP-S150 Portable Digital Piano – Now $799!​

😉【Super Light Weight】 ​

The CDP-S150 delivers natural piano sound and feel in a slim case that's barely larger than the keys themselves. Weighing only 23.1lbs and capable of running on either its included power supply or AA batteries, the CDP-S150 provides unprecedented portability and convenience.​

😇【Keyboard】 ​

Enjoy a realistic piano touch with the CDP-S150’s 88-key scaled hammer action keyboard. Simulated ivory and ebony key surfaces prevent slippage as you play. Duet mode is ideal for lessons or performances, allowing two people play the same range of keys on a single CDP-S150.​

🎼【Amazing Sound!】 ​

Choose from 10 Tones, including a beautiful grand piano, with adjustable reverb and chorus. Listen via the built-in stereo speaker system or practice quietly at any time with your favorite headphones and the built-in metronome.​

🎧Stay tuned to our page for more upcoming discounts and promotions! Grab what we have in stock right now with the upcoming sale! We’re offering the most competitive price in all of Australia, ensuring our customers the best price we can!​

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