🎄Piano Time - Our Holiday Opening Time!

Posted by Sam Hersusianto on

🎅Happy Holiday to everyone! Are you celebrating Christmas with your family this year? We here at Piano Time are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday!​

🤶That’s why we will be closed on Christmas day this year. However, we will be reopened right after Christmas! So if you want to shop for amazing pianos and guitars to spice up your Christmas holidays, better be hurry!!​

🎁 We will be opened for 3 days after Christmas (Dec 29-31st), then we will close again on the 1st of January! Our store will reopen after the 4th of January onward!​

🎁 We will be closed on –​
Dec 25th – 28th​
Jan 1st – 3rd​

💝 We will remain open on –​
Dec 29th – 31st​
Jan 4th onward​

🥰Stay tuned to our page for more upcoming discounts and promotions! Grab what we have in stock right now with the upcoming sale! We’re offering the most competitive price in all of Australia, ensuring our customers the best price we can!​

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