Piano Time Easter Sales - Kawai CA79 Day 4 Offer!

Posted by Ellie Khoo on

Today’s Easter sales offer will be – the Kawai CA-79 for 13% off! 

Kawai CA79, alongside CA99, are Kawai’s latest digital piano!​
These updated models incorporate the new Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action, delivering a firmer, faster, and even more grand piano-like touch feeling!​
The improved SK-EX Rendering multi-channel sound engine features enhanced acoustic piano samples, with new Virtual Technician parameters to precisely control the attack, release, and sustain characteristics of each piano.​
There are many more amazing features on these top-notch pianos, you can learn more about them on Kawai’s website!​
Our long-awaited Easter sales have finally arrived! From now until the 9th of April, we will be constantly posting amazing offers up to 40% off, so you and your family can enjoy Easter with our amazing instruments! 

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