Piano Time Easter Sales - Kawai CA99 Day 1 Offer!

Posted by Ellie Khoo on

Our long-awaited Easter sales have finally arrived! From now until the 9th of April, we will be constantly posting amazing offers up to 40% off so you and your family can enjoy an amazing Easter with our amazing instruments!
For all the items on sales, check out our Featured Products page!

And today’s offer will be – the Kawai CA99 digital piano!​

This piano shines on its keys! With the new Gand Feel III action, this piano delivers a firmer, faster, more authentic grand piano feel that gives you more expression of play with advanced key sensitivity.
It also comes with all the advantages of a digital piano! It is light, can connect to your computer and never goes out of tune. You can easily change the sound with a touch on the touch screen too! The sound rendering technology provides you with many different grand piano sound and high customizability.
We are offering a 17% off for this amazingly built piano, made by widely acclaimed Japanese manufacturer Kawai and praised by masters worldwide, famous review channel kcs_tv even considered it the best digital piano in 2020!
What are you waiting for? Bring this amazing piano home today!

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