Piano Time Easter Sales - Casio GP500 Day 3 Offer!

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Our long-awaited Easter sales have finally arrived! From now until the 9th of April, we will be constantly posting amazing offers up to 40% off, so you and your family can enjoy Easter with our amazing instruments! 🐣​

You can find all our items on sales here!


And today’s offer will be – the Casio GP-500 Perspex!​ 🎹


Today we have our limited edition Casio GP-500 piano - a showroom model of the GP-500!

You may ask “What’s the difference between this and a normal GP-500?”

The biggest feature will be that there is a transparent lid above the keys, you can see the hammer action mechanism triggering the keys when you play!

Of course, the GP-500 Perspex also comes with all the features of a normal GP-500, such as the three distinct grand piano sound, open lid, and weighted keys! You can learn more about it on Casio’s website!

As always, we’ve prepared a demonstration video of this amazing piano just for you!

We are offering 40% off for these pianos🎁 Get it for $4,500 Now!​


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