Maestro Guitars - Incredible Custom Acoustic Guitars at Piano Time

Posted by Ellie Khoo on

Any time is a good time at Piano Time! Today we will be blogging about the sensational Maestro Guitars

Maestro Guitars. It's all in the name. The Maestro Guitars are incredible hand-built instruments, with extremely high quality tonewoods and materials used in their construction. With so many brands of acoustic guitars available, the Maestro Guitars are a refreshing custom, hand-built option. Albeit with a price tag, these guitars really need to be heard to be believed. While everyone may say that about anything, this resonates quite true with Maestro. 

As a relatively unknown brand in Australia, we can understand you questioning "Why Maestro?". 

Play one. Then all will be revealed. 


Check out the Maestros that we have in store now:

Singa - blackwood back and sides

Singa - rosewood back and sides

Raffles - Indian rosewood and cedar top


Please come in to our store, located in South Melbourne, or give the helpful team a call on 03 9690 5566!

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