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Any time is a good time at Piano Time! Today we will be blogging and reviewing the Kawai US-6X from our pre-loved section of upright acoustic pianos.

This is another one of our upright acoustic pianos from our pre-loved section. The Kawai US-6X is Japanese made, and this particular piano was made sometime between 1989 and 1990. Here are some of the things we think you will love about the Kawai US-6X.


Features of the Kawai US-6X

Another Japanese made upright acoustic piano, so you get quality guaranteed. This piano has keys that are slightly longer than regular keys ( 1/8" longer than standard). This is intentionally designed to give you stronger keys and stronger hit with the hammer. The keys themselves are made of sitka spruce, and have a straight grain.

 Build & Design of the Kawai US-6X

This particular Kawai US-6X is 132cm tall and is one of Kawai's flagship pianos. This guarantees a quality construction from the company. They wouldn't put out something that was anything less!!Because of the size of this piano, it has the largest solid sitka spruce soundboard available. Tone for days! We think you'll love this feature, as a guarantee for great sound!

If you were after a cheaper digital option, check out the CDP135!

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