🤱Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy Sale On Our PXS Pianos!

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😍Happy upcoming Mother’s Day! From now until May 9th enjoy discounts on some of our favorite items!​
🎹In 2019, Casio launched the PX-S1000 and PX-S3000, which offered a slim 232mm depth and minimalist design while providing the playing comfort and sound of a grand piano. With so many people spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people around the world turned to these pianos to add some music to their lives. Their popularity was driven by their ease of use and clean design — people can enjoy owning and playing a piano without taking up hardly any space in their living environment.​
😚The new PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 inherit the popular design concept and playing comfort of the previous models while further improving expression across the entire range from low to high pitches. Casio revisited the speakers’ internal structure, adding a sense of airiness, localization, and clarity to the sound, and making it richer. While the design is minimalist and clean, the refined gold-colored lettering on the body and other nice touches lend a higher grade of elegance to its appearance.​
😍The PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 not only come with the Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor to play the user’s favorite songs as a Bluetooth® speaker, but can also be connected wirelessly to compatible devices using the Bluetooth® Low Energy MIDI function, thereby offering a wide range of ways to enjoy music in addition to performance, including self-learning and music production. Also, connecting to the dedicated Chordana Play for Piano*2 app makes it possible to intuitively change tone and function settings wirelessly.​

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