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Any time is a good time at Piano Time! Today we will be blogging and reviewing the Casio GP300 from the Celviano series.

Is the Casio AP700 still not enough for you? Do you want the absolute best of the best? Well then check out the Casio GP300 because this grand hybrid piano is the one for you. Let's have a look at what it is all about below.


Features of the Casio GP300

The Casio GP300 is designed in collaboration with C. Bechstein. The Grand Hybrid piano literally uses the same materials that are in Bechstein concert grand pianos. The new Natural Grand Hammer action uses full length, wooden concert piano keys. So, a keybed from one of the best pianos on the planet is combined with one of the best sound engines for piano? Count us in.

 Build & Design

The Casio GP300 uses six speakers to give you a truly immersive experience. This produces a three dimensional sonic experience that embeds you in a world of the best piano sounds. There are 12 grand piano sounds in the unit, as well as 26 other sounds to keep you going.

Value of the Casio GP300

While this unit may come with a hefty price tag, it is vital to consider that you are literally playing on one of the best keybeds that is available today. Come in and test the difference for yourself because there is something very special about these keyboards. You also get reverbs in the unit too!!!!


If you were after a cheaper option, check out the CDP135

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