😍Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano – What Are You Getting For The Upgrade?

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😊Hi all! Ever wonder what you’re getting when you decided to pay extra for a better model of a piano? We’re here to tell you exactly that today!​
☺️We’re comparing the two amazing Casio flagship digital pianos to compare today! Both are amazing for players looking for a high-end piano but don’t want to commit to the huge expense for an acoustic piano! Digital pianos don’t ever go out of tune or need any kind of maintaining, and gives a level of tone and playing experience identical to an acoustic! They both provide amazing value for what you’re paying for!​
🥰Here are some of the improvements in the 510:​
【🎹Scene feature enables pieces to be played with the optimal sound】​
The Scene feature consists of 15 preset types for different composers such as Chopin and Liszt, as well as musical genres such as jazz and easy listening. The presets combine the best optimal tones, reverberation, and effects for the type of piece being played. Users can also create and save their own presets.​
【🎹Concert Play offers an experience like playing with an orchestra】​
The spectacular sound of a live orchestra is recorded in a high-quality digital format. By playing the piano together with the recorded orchestra, users can enjoy the feeling of performing at an orchestral concert. The technology can also be used in practice, as it allows the tempo to be slowed, and also features rewind, fast forward, and repeat playback of A-B sections.​
【🎹Hall Simulator provides the experience of performing in a special venue such as a concert hall】​
The Hall Simulator allows the pianist to enjoy the immersive sound found in different types of venues such as an Amsterdam church or a classical concert hall in Berlin. It also enables users to switch between the Player’s Position, which provides a sense of playing a real grand piano, and three types of Listener’s Position, which gives the pianist the effect of listening to the performance from the audience.​

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