Casio CDP Series – Best Value Portable Pianos Under $700!

Posted by Ellie Khoo on

Want to get into piano playing during lockdown but don’t want to spend too much? May we introduce our beloved Casio CDP series to you!​

Casio CDP-S 100 – Now $699!​

The Casio CDP (Compact Digital Piano) delivers a realistic piano sound and feel, thanks to their 88 scaled, hammer-action keys and high-quality piano sounds. Streamlined designs, powerful built-in speakers, and useful features make CDP pianos a great choice for any level of player.​

40% smaller than other brands' instruments, the CDP-S delivers piano authenticity in a slim unibody case that's barely larger than the keys themselves. Weighing only 23.1lbs and capable of running on AA batteries, the CDP-S provides unprecedented levels of portability and convenience.​

Buy Casio CDP Series Now!

Our CDP-S100 model is currently available for only $699! With the other models CDP-S150 and CDP-S350 available at $799 and $949 respectively! These pianos will give you the best bang for your bucks if you’re a new player or are looking for pianos with portability!​

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