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Any time is a good time at Piano Time! Today we will be blogging and reviewing the Casio AP700 from the Celviano series.

After an upgraded unit over the Casio AP460? Have Casio built the digital piano for you. Introducing the Casio AP700. Let's see what all the fuss is about today!



Features of the Casio AP700

Why the extra investment into the AP700? Simple, the features. The Casio AP700 features piano sounds that are made in development with Bechstein, one of the most integral names in piano. The sound engine has been given a further upgrade, with linear morphing for smooth and dynamic transitions between notes. The AP700 features "tonal characteristics of three full concert grand pianos, made in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna, including the lid simulator".


Build & Design

Again, 256 units of polyphony in the Celviano units. Supreme sound replication in their sound engine, as well as the new linear morphing technology give you the most realistic response yet. There are also ebony and ivory textured keys.

Value of the Casio AP700

You pay for what you get, and you get the best with the AP700. You get the introduction of the lid simulator, which can further emulate classic and famous piano tones. Worth every cent if you are after the best.


If you were after a cheaper option, check out the CDP135

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