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Any time is a good time at Piano Time! Today we will be blogging and reviewing the Casio AP460 from the Celviano series.

At a similar price to the Casio PX870, why should you choose the Casio AP460? Good question. Let's have a look into the reasons why in today's blog.



Features of the Casio AP460

The Casio AP460

is a larger unit, with a specifically designed cabinet to house the piano. This provides more room for larger speakers, as well as golden regular sized pedals. There is nothing wrong with the Privia series, however the Casio AP460 is designed for those looking for the closest experience to a real piano.

Build & Benefits

There are 256 units of polyphony (what does that mean?? Well, stay tuned for future blogs on this topic!) in both units, but the AP460's keys are the same size and action as a regular upright piano. The keys also become lighter in the top register, and heavier in the lower. Just like the real thing!

Value of the Casio AP460

Similar in price to the Privia model, but subtle differences. It just depends on what you are after for your personal needs. So, do you want something that is slight, and smaller? Or do you want something that is as close to the real thing as possible? Either way, Casio has you covered.


If you were after a cheaper option, check out the CDP135

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