Casio AP460 - More stock arriving soon at Piano Time for the AP-460!

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Any time is a good time at Piano Time!

Today we have the Casio AP460 as our featured product. The AP460 was incredibly popular so we have unfortunately sold out of this model! However, there are more on the way. The AP460 is a clear success for Casio because of its great price point and features. The AP460 new tri sensor scaled hammer action II keyboard is a prime feature! 



Here are some features of the Casio AP460 that we have coming back at Piano Time!:

"The AP-460 is designed with the pianist's experience in mind, ensuring that the player has the experience that resembles that of an authentic acoustic piano. Installed with the Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, the piano is ultra-sensitive to the player's touch, allowing for an added array of musical expressivity. The AP-460 also has a Hall Simulator function that simulates the sound of the piano in different concert halls. As you play, you’ll actually feel like you’re performing inside the Berlin Hall Philharmonic or the French Cathedral in Berlin—this was, quite literally, Casio’s goal when they created this feature."

Please come in to our store, located in South Melbourne, or give the helpful team a call on 03 9690 5566!

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