😍Battle of the Brand! Which Piano Has the Better Sound?

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😆Hi all! Welcome to our first-ever battle of the brand! A series of posts where we put two amazing pianos against each other and compare which one is better in certain aspects!​

🤩In today’s post, we will take a look at the amazing Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-310 and the Kawai Concert Artist CA-79 Digital Pianos! And we will see which one has the better sound!​

😙Before we start, here are basic info and website links of these two amazing pianos!​

【🎹Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-310 Digital Piano】​
Price: $4,999 ​
Color: Black, White

【🎹Kawai Concert Artist CA-79 Digital Piano】​
Price: $3,999 ​
Color: Premium Rosewood, Ebony Satin, Ebony Polish ($4,599)​

🎹The GP310 provides the powerful Casio Air Grand Sound Source that is more natural sustain for more beautiful chord resonance. More sensitive expressiveness for pianissimo sounds, especially when playing extremely softly. It also comes with 3 legendary piano sounds (Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna Grand). Casio has painstakingly researched and analyzed the unique characteristics of each piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers the brilliant sound of these pianos reproduced with Casio’s advanced technology. It will provide the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on earth.​

🎧To faithfully reproduce the stunning sound of a Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano digitally, Kawai has developed SK-EX Rendering for the CA79. This special, piano-only sound engine focuses the Concert Artist’s DSP power, combining multi-channel, 88-key sampling with the latest resonance modeling technology to deliver pure acoustic piano authenticity. When SK-EX Rendering is selected, players can choose ten differently prepared piano characters ranging from Classic and Romantic, to Jazz, and even Boogie.​

🔈Developed in collaboration with Onkyo, one of Japan’s leading premium audio equipment manufacturers, the CA79 utilizes specialist components designed for high-end audio reproduction. The Concert Artist’s optimized power amplifiers reproduce the Shigeru Kawai grand piano sound with stunning clarity, richness, and power.​

😊For Piano Time, we believe that GP310 boasts a better sound quality and system in general! However, the lower price of the CA79 is still quite beneficial for newcomers to piano playing or people looking for less expensive alternatives! What do you think? You can listen to audio demos of the two amazing pianos here on their websites!​



😊Do you like our post today? Stay tuned to our page for more battle of the brands to come!​

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