Back to School Sale – Casio AP710 Digital Piano!

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Hello everyone! A new semester is starting and it’s finally back to school season once again! ​
And we at Piano Time will be posting many amazing sales in the upcoming weeks! ​

🎹Casio Celviano AP-710 – Now $2,969!​

🎼The AP-710 delivers the world-class piano sound and feel that are the hallmarks of the Celviano series. Unlike most digital pianos, the AP-710 gives you the experience of owning three of the world’s most legendary and coveted grand pianos. With enhanced piano tones and much more, the AP-710 delivers an incredibly detailed piano experience.​

😄Casio’s new AiR Grand Sound Source provides not just one, but three of the world’s finest grand pianos. Dubbed the Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna Grands, each one is the result of countless hours of precise analysis and study of their unique characteristics. They are faithful and expressive recreations of these distinctive pianos. String/damper resonance, mechanical sounds, and other subtle nuances complete the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on Earth. ​

🥰 The “Berlin Grand" tone, is a balanced, elegant sound with a clearly defined shape. To create its exquisite clarity of tone and vibrancy, Casio analyzed the tone color of the ultimate C. Bechstein masterpiece, the D282. The resulting sound meets with the approval of C. Bechstein master piano maker Werner Albrecht, and has been incorporated into the AP-710 as the “Berlin Grand."​

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