😃Introducing New Product – Casio CDPS160 Now $729!

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🎹A Competent Digital Piano Compatible with Fixed Three-Pedal Stand for a Full Range of Expression​

【🎹Casio CDPS 160 Digital Piano – now only $799!】​
😄Design - Slim Body Design with a Depth of Just 232 mm​
Simple but Sleek​

😄Casio’s proprietary high-density mounting technology, with miniaturized components and a space-saving internal structure, is key to the slim body of this piano. Two color variations are available: black and red. The bold single-color scheme and minimalist design aesthetic together deliver a simple yet elegant piano experience.​


😀Natural Timbre Changes for a Rich Palette of Expression​
Ten essential tones, including grand pianos and electric pianos, are waiting to be discovered and played. The subtle changes in response to velocity and time on the piano tones have become even more natural, broadening your range of expression.​

😆Touch - Compact Keyboard Mechanism Delivers a Tactile, Piano Touch​

😆The CDP-S series is perfect for a wide range of musical genres. The Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ, which is an action mechanism with hammer weighting the same as a grand piano, housed in a compact body, allows for a great balance of slim size and responsive touch.​

😆Keys that are Smooth to the Touch​

😆The fine-grained finish on the key surface prevents slippage caused by perspiration, and the keys feel comfortable to the fingertips even during long sessions.​

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