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Music lessons for piano, keyboard, guitar, ukelele, bass, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute, composition, transcribing and theory. We teach all styles of music. Piano Time offers individually tailored one-on-one lessons to suit your specific needs.
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Buy Pianos


Piano Time have an extensive range of acoustic and digital pianos from Wertheim , Bluthner , Yamaha , Kawai, Stuart and Sons and Roland.
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Piano Tuners

Peter Tuning

We have a nationwide network of qualified piano technicians that we will be able to refer you to. Alternatively you can email us at info@pianotime.com.au.
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At Piano Time we specialise in
  • The manufacture, distribution and retail of Wertheim pianos
  • The distribution and sale of Blüthner pianos, Piano Disc and silent piano systems.
  • The sale of quality new acoustic and digital pianos. We have pianos to suit every level of piano playing from the beginner to the concert artist.
  • The sale of pre-loved (second hand ) pianos including brands such as Wertheim, Blüthner, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Yamaha and Kawai.
  • Music education for all ages

Piano Time has served its customers for over 10 years

We are piano specialists that manufactures, distributes and retails new and pre loved pianos in Australia. We also offer piano tuning services. We are respected by our customers for our expertise, professionalism, quality and value. We also sell musical instruments and provide music lessons.


From Our Valued Customers

Piano Time is a great local piano store, in York St Melbourne the team really are helpful. John and Franz are piano aficionados and know their stuff, I’m in there often on business and find that at all times they are helpful, able to put the customer first and welcoming. Definitely a store to check out for your pianos range, as well as lessons ! I’m not a piano player, just a third party vendor, but think the guys do a great job and happily would like to give them a review. There is even a bar :)

Peter Moses

Every visit to Piano Time is an exciting experience. The welcome is wonderful and the vast collection of beautiful pianos is fascinating. John offers a wide range of choices when it comes to pianos and piano disk systems. I am also impressed by the great collection of sheet music on display at Piano Time. I would recommend a visit if you are thinking about buying a piano — or looking for new pieces to play. You will not be disappointed by the range of instruments and you will certainly enjoy the warm welcome you will be sure to receive from John Martin and his friendly staff.

Shirley Trembath

Friendly staff and some really great deals on beautiful Bluthner Pianos and the Werteim range. A good range of Pianos on display and the staff seem to know what they’re talking about – something I don’t always encounter when browsing pianos! I’ve got my eye on the Piano Disc innovation: I love it because it will play my piano when I’m too lazy to! What could be better than having Norah Jones play piano for me in my own home? Brilliant! All in all, I’m happy I went down to check out the sale at Piano Time. Now, what to do with my old piano….?

Kane McErvale